Miguel's Pooches-7


Born: Russia October 9, 2012

Zodiac: Libra

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Related: Cousins, Marlei & Magnum

Activities: Skateboarding, Paddle Boarding, Running, Walking, Feeding Homeless, Modeling, taking pictures with humans.

Personality: born in Russia, He is the one that will do anything, he’s the first to jump in so to say, he is a fast runner and just loves to get crazy a true dare devil.

Physical Attributes: White with black spots and brindle ears, the most muscular of the pack, likes to hang his tongue out the side of his mouth and can’t wait for supper time!

Maverick was born October 9, 2012. He is Russian from the Kyrgyz Republic. One of my great friends rescued the whole family and I was blessed to meet all the children and pick him as my 3rd child. He is extraordinary with muscle and lean mass, the ability to go not only down a kids slide but turn around and go backup it! He can jump 2 feet in the air from standing up, and can run over 30 mph! He is a BEAST! My vet says he has never seen a French bulldog as muscular as my boy!

This is synopsis of my boys which just signed an account with Kinecta as the sponsor dogs of the South Bay Area of California!! We are a family and will show you how amazing life is each day by showing pics and videos of the things we do appreciating how life is the biggest blessing for God!