Miguel's Pooches-18

Maximus ‘Max

Born: California February 7, 2011

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Activities: Skateboarding, Paddle Boarding, Running, Walking, Feeding Homeless, Modeling, Pictures taken with Humans.

Personality: Guardian, Golden eyed, Looks like he might be a bit Egyptian. Mature would be the money manager of the group and make sure the kids got to bed on time.  Also looks after his Dad Miguel.  When he’s at home he has an amazing way to greet you by throwing his front paws up in a really cute an unusual way so he doesn’t scratch your legs.

Physical attributes: Tallest, Golden Brown Eyes, Well Proportioned athletic build. Fawn and just good looking!

Maximus was born February 7th 2011 in Pawnee, Oklahoma. His breeder is Rhonda White. He was born wise with an old soul. He easily potty trained in 2 days and has learned to pray before getting off the bed every morning, before each meal and before going to bed.

Max is truly the best dog companion I have ever had. He can bow, heal, stay, sit down, come, find any treat I hide, stand, sit up, twirl, high five, low five, skateboard, and paddle board. The favorite trick is to give me kisses on command!