We love taking pictures with you and being social. Remember, you may know us, but we don't know you; It is never appropriate to kiss or pet any dog without the owner's permission.  

For the better half of the last decade the South Bay has been run by seven French Bulldogs.  If you see a skateboard full of frenchies cruising down The Strand, it’s us.  Wherever we go humans are lining up to take our picture.  We don’t do it for the fame; We do it for the fun of it, for the love of it!  And, our homeless depend on us to help them find shelter and food.  It’s what we do, stay fit, have fun, give back and spread love!

French Bulldog Posing

Birthday: February 7, 2011


Max is a Paddle Board and Swim Instructor.  He can be found on his 40 foot yacht outfitted with plenty of paddle boards for his friends.  His active lifestyle requires high quality Candidae bison dog food and alkaline water.  His guilty pleasure is Kompoocha.


Birthday: October 28, 2015


He is a calm and focused athlete who has the best high dive.  He can be found defending his title as spelling bee champion.  He’s a real sucker for the ladies and loves sunbathing and snuggles.


Birthday: July 17, 2017


Marz is a model.  ‘Watch out Zoolander, he’s too cool for school!’  He aspires to lead the pack and possibly take over the world.  His ridiculously good looks have garnered him an appearance on America’s Got Talent.  He enjoys his dinner on his Sector 9 skateboard.


Birthday: January 19, 2012


He is the captain of the wrestling team.  He can be found driving The French Brigade around in his camouflage wrapped golf cart dropping food to the local homeless.  He helped raise over $5000 for Got Kids and Bullies and Buddies Rescue charities.


Birthday: February 14, 2017


This pro skateboarder would give Tony Hawk a run for his money.  He can be found practicing for eating competitions or keeping his small frame in shape by running daily.  He is a real Casanova, picking flowers for the ladies.

Beautiful French Bulldog

Birthday: January 19, 2012


Major’s sister is a Yoga Instructor, and Diva!  Her favorite color and artist is ‘Pink.’  She swears her patience is due to her meditating on laser lights.  In true diva fashion, this female makes the boy’s ride in the back.  She dominates the front of the skateboard.


Monte Cristo

Birthday: March 17, 2017


This distinguished gentleman is a lover of humans.  He has a fetish for basketballs and always keeps one eye on chasing skateboards.  His fridge is always packed with Dos Equis for his human friends and Kombucha Dog for everyone else



Birthday: November 17, 2017


He asked God for big webbed paws as he intended to be a part of The French Brigade.  He loves to give kisses and rough-housing with his brother Marz.  At meal time he can be found mimicking the leader of the pack, knelt in pray with his human.