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Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Sometimes we are meant to be together!! Yes, it can be scary making the change, putting yourself out there but I knew inside my destiny was elsewhere.

I was born into a litter of three, 2 boys and a girl we were born on a farm in Michigan and my other brother Yogi and Sister Shanti were headed to Cali... But I wasn't sure where my new family was going to be.

I guess my sister Shanti's Mom's Sister bread her Frenchie Bunny 'My Mom' for her sister Amy who is Shanti's Mom..... Did you get that? Ya, I am not so sure either but I don't care because we are all really happy and here is how I ended up back in my sister Shanti's world.

“Our Brother's and Sister's are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk" -Powerful Thought Unknown

You may know this but my Dad is Miguel, HEY, did you notice all the boy's in our family's name start with M, so far you know Maximus who is amazing and really smart.

Major & Miguel

#thefrenchbrigade hadn't yet fully formed but we were getting our footing. I wasn't even sure I was going to get adopted!!! My sister Shanti and Brother Yogi were packed up and taken away from me, I was really missing them as they kept me warm snuggling at nap time and we loved playing together... Days seemed to go on like dog plus another seven years without them, but I did have my mom and all the mother's milk I wanted:) 'Maybe things won't be so bad with out them' I have a huge yard my frenchie mom Bunny all to myself and lot's of food!!

Hmmm....Have you ever felt like you had everything but still were missing something? For me it was the playful warm energy of my friends and family. I kept thinking I even visioned what it would be like to be adopted with my siblings. Having really cool human parents who took us on long walks and snuggled up with us, I even thought about doing human things like going to restaurants with them dressing up like #mininons #paddleboardworldrecords #frenchieskateboarding #frenchiesrunning #wakeupkickassreapeat #dogadopted

My sister tells me that when she was meeting her new Mom my Dad Miguel had heard it through the #grapevine that a friend who lived close by just adopted some Frenchie's and there was one more in the liter who still didn't have a home #me . I guess they planned for my Dad Miguel to meet my Brother and Sister and maybe decide to #adoptme Shanti say's it was hilarious my Dad showed up with my older brother Max, took one look at my Sis Shanti and my Bro Yogi and had me flown out on #americanairlinesanimal the next day!

Yes, it was really scary to be moved away from my mother and to travel at such a young age but everything was checked out the weather was good, I had food and water and lot's of care on my way to my new home in Los Angeles. In retrospect all the jitter's of flying and meeting my new family was so worth it, I live a wonderfully happy life with my sister, my 5 brother's..Oops we haven't gotten there yet! Can't wait to introduce you to them.

Life is so fun, we love sharing love and smiles and I can't wait for you to meet all my brother's and learn more about my family, friends, charities and super fun world!

#adogslife 'May your day be fully enriched with love and smiles and may we remember everyday that sharing with one another gives back, if you aren't sure about my quote give it a try a few times I think it will serve you as it has me!' Je T'aime Major

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