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The French Brigade started with me, Maximus

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

I knew what I wanted the moment I was born. When my gloden eyes opened I knew this world had so much for me to explore. Then, I met my dad. I knew then we would be inseparable, we’d make each other happy and I’d get to spend my life exploring with him.

This is my new brother Major. He is little and cute here, but will grow up to look like a big mac-truck. Roof Roof. We just celebrated his sixth birthday. We took the paddle boards out and we all got to eat yummy OC Raw dog patties. Isn’t that what makes a brother’s birthday fun…Sharing in the abundance of yummy food and family love!

“Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time. And always start with the person nearest to you." - Mother Teresa

Talking about yummy food, our human always makes sure to get extra. Our family then delivers the extra to the homeless that live near our South Bay beaches.


We are famous for running together on The Strand, which runs from Redondo Beach through our home, Hermosa Beach before ending all the way in Santa Monica. We enjoy staying fit and making smiles as we always make sure to say hello to new friends.

When its playtime my favorite thing to do is swim! #frenchiescantswim is incorrect! I love swimming and am very good at it! When we go paddle boarding it’s really hard for me to sit. All I want to do is jump in and swim along side my dad and brothers on the board. #Frenchiescanswim That’s me swan diving into the ocean. Chahoo!!! Just like my dad, I live by #wakeupkickassgivebackrepeat.

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